Road to Recovery

Supply Chain Logistics

To discuss the art and science of supply chain management and execution, and its role in the overall economy, Senior Investment Advisor John Huntz hosted three leading experts. Our panel, which brought together complementary vantage points around supply chain innovation, software that drives logistics, and importing and exporting, included:

Eddie Capel | President & CEO,  Manhattan Associates
Duriya Farooqui | President, Point A Center for Supply Chain Innovation
Griff Lynch | Executive Director, Georgia Ports Authority

Hear their vantage points in today’s swiftly changing world, including their latest thinking on:

  • The critical role supply chains play in global commerce
  • The need for innovation, resiliency and flexibility moving forward
  • Adapting to recent changes and the next 12 to 18 months
  • What Fortune 500 companies are doing to solve current supply chain challenges
  • “Just in time” inventory versus “just in case” & capturing the market
  • How Georgia Ports Authority quarterbacks requests from its 25,000 shipper customers
  • Navigating tariffs and exclusions to move product at the right time
  • The massively accelerated rate of change and adoption

At Balentine, we’re committed to not only helping clients through these tough times, but also acting as a convener and aggregator, addressing the most pressing concerns on the Road to Recovery. Stay tuned for more panels & visit our dedicated page for more in our series: Road to Recovery.

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